Mount Clematis

Here are some pictures that I gleaned from the website Virtual Earth

You select a street address and they show you some camera-icons which have pictures from Jan, 2004 and Sept 6-11, 2005.

I captured a few from addresses I remembered.
Source of FloodAttacked Street
London Avenue Canal 5112 Arts Street - under 6 feet of Water
6100 Marigny - under 6 feet of Water
6300 cameron - under 5 feet of Water

Cameron blvd roof off (burned?) 9/14

London Ave Canal
Industrial Canal
St James Major - above water
Clematis Jasmine - above Water
Economical Above Water
Industrial Canal Jasmine - Close Shave
Capdau - under Water
17th Street Canal Carrolton near Carol's Apt - 2 feet?

It seems that the London Avenue Canal attacked Mount Clematis through Gentilly Terrace but stopped at Gentilly Blvd.

From the South, the Industrial Canal attacked the Ninth Ward and starting slowing at Capdau and then could not really push much over Iris Street.
I always thought it was easier to ride my bike on Clematis down towards Clover Street, and that there was a little peak when Jasmine crossed Iris.
Mount Clematis might become a new peak. I think that I'll go get a beer at Mister Jim's. Maybe Jay-Jay and Brudie will be there.